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Since 1997, owners Luigi Russo and Alfio Ruocco have established Il Postino as one of the most luxurious dining experiences in New York City. Named after the 1994 Italian romantic comedy, Luigi and Alfio aspired to bring their favorite homemade dishes from Italy to their guests here on a quiet street in Midtown East.

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Antipasti Oyster add Caviar Cotechino with lentils Tuna tartare with caviar Stone Crab Cocktail ~  per piece Bufala mozzarella & heirloom tomatoes Grilled Polipo Mediterraneo, fresh tomatoes, black olives, green scallions, olive oil, lemon Salad with baby arugula,roasted pear, dry figs,truffle,cheese Crispy Artichoke, Hearts alla Judia Ribollita Soup, crispy croutons Paste Gondolette ravioli, stuffed with ...

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